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Preview how your website will display in Google's search results pages on desktop with our free Google SERP Snippet Tool. This easy-to-use tool generates what your website's page title, meta description and URL might look like on Google's search engine results page (SERP).

Start typing in the boxes below and the SERP preview will update as you type. If the counter turns red, your metadata is too long.

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This is where your meta description will display. Aim to keep it between 120-156 characters.
PAGE TITLE Approx. 0 of 550 pixels
META DESCRIPTION 0 of 156 characters
URL Google usually shows › ... › your-page-name

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Best practice guidelines

Page title

  • Length: Between 350-550 pixels
  • Branding: [Title] | Your Brand Name
  • Use descriptive keywords based on keyword research and CTR

Meta description

  • Length: Between 120-156 characters
  • Describe what the user can expect to find on the page
  • Use strong call-to-action (Discover, learn more, find out, buy now..)


  • Length: Max 75 characters
  • Lower case characters & numbers 0-9 only
  • Use hyphens to separate words
  • Use ordinal/hiererchichal structure

Things look a bit different?

We've recently changed the look and feel of our SERP preview tool. If something's missing that you loved before or if you have any feedback or feature requests, let us know.

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